5 Steps to Create Kick A** Content

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BSG Wants Your Business to Succeed, Which Means Creating Quality Content!

Although some will fill the page with pictures, internet insiders will always tell you that “content is king.” So, how do you create that killer content that will bring them in and hold them on your site? Here are 5 steps to achieving that goal:

First, who are to talking to? You must determine your audience before beginning and find out what appeals to them. Once you know your target audience and interests, find a single relevant topic and delve into it. Write it up to inform and entertain; a difficult balance to achieve.

Ready for the next step? Research relevant keywords to seed your material so that the search engines find you. But again, balance counts since the algorithms know stilted syntax and bad verbiage and will discount and exclude you for it. Insure links to your website are carefully folded in.

Now that your baseline material is complete and uploaded, your mission is to determine the best distribution channels either social media related, or a news outlet to convey your message. Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, guest blog, there are many choices. Choose wisely.

Now, sit back and…monitor all the incoming clicks. You did set up to track results, didn’t you? The whole purpose is to attract viewers to your site. How do you tell where they came from and what drew them to click through? Set up to watch everything and get answers.

Refining and repeating the process is the sure method to know and grow. Constantly new, quality content, expertly distributed and tracked is the best method to insure your site’s growth.

Sound too complex? That’s why few do it…well or consistently. Feeling discouraged about writing content? Don’t worry, BSG can handle that for you. Contact us today.

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