Social Media Header Size Cheat Sheets

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Social media header dimensions and the content they can contain do change from time to time. If it’s Google Plus or YouTube they tend to change more often. If you don’t keep up with these changes, your logo or any other important information about your business may literally be cut off from the public.

With that in mind we’ve made you a handy dandy guide for all cover photo dimensions in 2016, and if they change, we’ll be sure to update you. Check out our social media size cheat sheet here.

Keep in mind, when you change your cover photo it will show up on your timeline and that of your followers as the entire image, this does not mean that it will display that way on your page. For Facebook and Twitter you are able to re-position your photo, with Google Plus you can crop before uploading. Be sure to pay extra attention to the position of any profile photo or CTA buttons during your design.

Social Media Headers Size

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