A/B Testing Importance

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What is A/B testing? How does A/B testing better your site? How can it help you get better conversions for your company’s website?

These are all important questions in the A/B testing world that will answered in this week’s post.

First off, lets talk about what A/B testing is. It is comparing two different variations of a web page and see which one performs better.

How A/B Testing Can Help You

With this form of testing, you can test a variety of different things, from testimonials, to images on certain pages, to various forms of call-to-actions.

But what if the page you created to set up conversions is not working? What do you do? How do you solve this issue?

You set up an A/B test.

Analyze the data of the page that is lacking in conversions, see where it falls short. Does it have a high bounce rate? Now look at the page, is there some sort of element missing that is stopping users from making the conversion you are looking for?

After you have a done a little bit of research, think of what could make people stay on your site for longer periods of time. Test this hypothesis by making a similar page, but change some things up a bit.  It could be that your form is too low on the page.

Once the new landing page is complete, compare the two sets of data after awhile. Which one performed better? Did the changes you made work for your site? If the new page had better statistics over a week or so, you now know that that is the page to go with from here on out.

Long Beach SEO Experts

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