Apps Using iBeacon Can Help You Find Customers

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iBeacon detects when compatible smartphones and mobile devices are near the iBeacon device. It uses Bluetooth low energy signals that transmit a unique identifier, which enables the mobile device to receive information from apps. Many manufacturers sell iBeacon devices. They’re also relatively cheap compared to other Apple products. And iBeacon can interact with devices that don’t run Apple’s iOS, including Android devices. There are also competing beacons from Motorola and Datzing that offer similar services.

Retailers have been particularly quick to adopt iBeacon. Businesses often use the information provided by iBeacon to offer coupons through popular apps like Shopkick, Epicurious, and SnipSnap. If you’ve worked with one of those apps in the past or they’re popular with your customers, you might consider using it to offer in-store coupons with information from iBeacon.


Another way to take advantage of the iBeacon’s connectivity is to create an app specifically for your business. Doing so will enable you to exercise the most control over what customers see and when they see it. You can even tweak the app and its settings based on customer feedback. And the evidence suggests that customers find iBeacon apps valuable. They’re six times as likely to keep an app with iBeacon notifications on their phone compared to other apps.

Of course, businesses in industries other than retail can also design and use apps that take advantage of location detection technology. If your business’s customers are affected by changing weather conditions, you might create an app that lets them know the forecast for the next few hours when they enter your location. So golf courses might let golfers know the forecast, and particularly emphasize whether there’s a chance for thunderstorms. And sailing businesses might let their customers know the conditions on the water. This is just possible application of the technology.

Major League Baseball is a great of example of a business that has enjoyed quite a bit of success with iBeacon. Before the 2014 season started, the MLB installed iBeacons in 28 ballparks. They now allow smartphone users with the MLB’s At the Ballpark app to check-in, and they also receive offers on merchandise and to upgrade their seats. These offers have helped double the number of people using At the Ballpark to check-in.

App Developers

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