Are you taking digital marketing seriously?

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A study conducted by Smart Insights showed that 47% of businesses doing digital marketing had no defined strategy. In other words, they are doing digital marketing without any clear objectives or target. With this directionless situation, you cannot optimize the opportunity that you actually have. And guess what? You will think that all time and resources that you spent have brought you nowhere. Then you will begin to spend less and care less about digital marketing. As a result, you will lose opportunities to engage your target market on the online platform. The fact is, this is because you don’t take it seriously!

Failing to plan is planning to fail

There are a lot of tactics that you can do in the digital platform: SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing. But without an overarching strategy, all your tactics will never fully deliver the optimal success for your business. Digital marketing strategy should be also integrated with your whole marketing plan, creating something we call as “360 degree marketing”. The message that your brand conveys should be consistent throughout all platforms, online and offline.


Assuming that you have your marketing strategy ready, let’s dive into developing the digital marketing strategy. In this article, we will introduce to you SOSTAC, a methodology developed by PR Smith. At BSG, the strategy development process is a never-ending cycle. As shown in the figure below, the C (Control) stage takes you back to the first S (Situational Analysis) step.

SOSTAC method image
Now, we will give you a brief simple example of using this methodology in your digital marketing. Once again, make sure that at this stage, you have already done your homework to define a clear positioning and target market for your business.

Hanna-Ya is a newly opened Korean restaurant. It commits to serve tasty authentic Korean dishes made from fresh organic ingredients. The table below shows the SOSTAC for the new business in doing digital marketing.

SOSTAC example

We hope that this article can guide you to conduct digital marketing more seriously. If you need some help, please contact us. We will gladly check your current online performance and give you a free consultation with our digital marketing experts.

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