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Acrylic Nails Double As An Oyster Card.

A set of false fingernails that contain a transit card microchip allow a rider to enter the tube with just a touch. Certainly entire credit card info will follow suit.

Fashion student Lucie Davis from UAL Central Saint Martins has created a set of false nails embedded with an Oyster card microchip enabling her to get on London’s tube simply by placing her hand atop the card reader. The microchip will let her on and off the tube and can be topped up with money, just like a regular card. Money at your fingertips!

Davis told Wah London, “I wanted to show how false nails can act as part information, part decoration. They can create a space between portable and wearable objects and adornment.” Davis created the acrylic nails as her final project for school. “I hope to see it make its way into the street, the public sphere, the universe!” the graduate explained. Future commuters might get their own chance to transport looking chic, and rest assured that they won’t misplace their Oyster card.

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