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I’ve often been noted for positing the notion that every moment of life and every square inch of our world offers inspiration. Even sewers are stylish these days.

Showing city pride on apparel is nothing new, but a Berlin-based art collective is taking it to the next level by creating prints for various clothing and making wearable art from the urban designs that already exist in cities around the globe: manhole covers.

Yes, being tremendously politically incorrect, I am quite aware that a whole segment of the readership is suddenly aghast at the warped mindset implications of using the term Manhole Cover. Minionesque giggling aside, the term is over a century old and does not need to be re-vamped as some neutral platitude to those offended by everything. So, I will continue to extoll the artistic virtues of Manhole Covers.

In Berlin, and in various Euro Capitals one can find Raubdruckerin, also known as Pirate Printer. They have cleverly created special clothing and accessories in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon and Amsterdam. They do so by applying paint to already existing pieces of the city, including manhole covers, vents, sewer grates, and other public pieces, usually embossed ironwork. They press the shirts, tote bags, gym bags, and other items against the painted metal images and create an authentic and local logo.

The various products are available to purchase from their website, ranging from €15 to €90 (or approximately $17 – $100) with multiple cities still available. While there are no current plans to expand to new cities, the possibilities are endless, thanks to the availability of the printing materials.

Certainly, our glorious leader, of German heritage, will find the Berlin designs of great interest and artistic accomplishment, especially for a mass public works element.

Here in the city of Long Beach, several businesses have thrived creating city themed clothing and selling old fixtures, like fire hydrants, street signs and manhole covers.

Have you explored your community for possibilities? If there is civic pride, you should have an audience and buyers. The mere production of these clothing imprints is a street performance.

There are clever and creative concepts everywhere. Need help finding them? Contact us at BSG to assist in building your presence in the community.

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