Do Your Business’s Strengths Shine Through On Your YouTube Videos?

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There are a few different ways to approach making a video for your business. Any business would love to make the next big viral video and attract customers that way. Humor is perhaps the common element among many of the most popular videos. So making a funny video is one thing to consider, especially if you and your employees joke around fairly often.

However, a funny video isn’t necessarily a great idea for lots of businesses. You might instead want to emphasize your professionalism, your experience, and what makes your business unique. And even businesses that do make more light-hearted videos will also want others that explain just what they have to offer.

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It’s important that these videos are relevant to what your business does, and that they highlight your strengths. A law firm might have one of the partners introduce the firm and explain what areas of the law they specialize in. Further videos could focus on those particular areas and the types of clients the firm works with. Another approach would be to directly demonstrate what your business provides. So a gym might do some how-to videos about the proper form for different weight lifts. Similarly, a manufacturer could create videos that show its products in action.

High-quality, informative videos are increasingly important to your business’s online presence. Videos are more likely to be shared and commented on by people on social media. And YouTube videos are showing up more and more on search results pages. If you can create videos that are relevant to the long-tail keywords that apply to your business, chances are you’ll see that video rising up the search results rankings.

Getting people to your YouTube videos is only half of the battle, though. The next step is getting them to your website to convert. Luckily, YouTube has recently added a card option to its videos, which allows you to display your website information in an attractive manner while the video is playing. Cards can replace the annotations that many YouTube users found unappealing. This makes it easier than ever to naturally draw people from your YouTube videos to your website.

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YouTube videos are a great way to create exactly the kind of content that people are looking for online. It’s important that your videos put your business in the best possible light. BSG has experience in creating professional videos for all kinds of businesses. We have the equipment to create and edit high-quality video, and our experts will write, direct, shoot, and edit a video that makes your vision into reality. Contact BSG today to get started.

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