Card-Based Design Can Highlight Your Content And Promote Sharing

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So what exactly is card-based design? Let’s start off with an example you’re surely familiar with: your Facebook feed. In your feed, individual posts are typically presented as distinct rectangles (cards) with options to view comments, like or share the post, and to hide posts you don’t like. Facebook’s cards are designed to highlight photos or videos and to keep the site’s social interactions front and center.

Social Cards

Based on Facebook’s example, we can see that cards are typically rectangles (though you may occasionally see circular cards) that include some attention grabbing text and media. Cards include the option to click through to do or learn more and to share. Card-based design interactivity is a major element. Where Facebook invites you to comment on posts, you could just as easily allow users to click through and learn more about what your business offers. They can even make a purchase if you have an online store.

Along with Facebook, Pinterest really shows how cards can be used. In fact, the site’s popularity has undoubtedly been a big factor in the increasing use of cards. Pinterest’s cards feature a lot of interactivity. For instance, you can pin images on the site onto different boards in order to share them. Pinterest is incredibly friendly to mobile devices, and cards play a big part in that. Pinterest also illustrates how cards can be a tremendous way to display visuals on a website.

Benefits of Social Cards

There are quite a few benefits to using cards. Cards are a great way to make your website responsive to whatever device users are viewing your website with. Social cards can be arranged to fit into spaces each device provides. By breaking information down into bite-sized chunks, cards look very appealing on mobile devices while still displaying well on PC and laptop browsers. Cards are easy to interact with. This is big plus on mobile devices when compared to typical columns on traditional websites.

Cards are also great for content marketing. By prominently displaying pictures and video along with some text, cards make it very easy for users to see and interact with your media. And since the content is displayed on compact cards, they’ll also be able to see all of your content more easily. That means they’ll be able to find what interests them quickly. And cards typically contain prominently placed options to share that content, since spreading your content to interested people is crucial.

Experts at BSG

Whether your business needs an entire website or just needs to update its existing website, BSG’s programmers and designers know how to build a site that will set your business apart from the competition. They’ll build a site for your business that highlights what you do best. This will make a great impression on potential customers. They’ll also take a cluttered, confusing site and replace it with one that is focused on the user’s experience. So when it’s time to give your website a fresh, clean look, be sure to contact BSG.

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