SEM FAQ - Why Should Clients Take An Active Role In Their Web Properties?

Why should clients take an active role in their web properties? The reason why a client should take an active role in their web properties is not necessarily to know how to do web design or web marketing, but you should at least know the information for your accounts. One of the things that I run into on a regular basis when we bring on new clients is that they don’t have access to their information. They don’t have access to their domain name, they don’t know if they own their domain name or not, and they don’t have access to their hosting. One thing that we do when we bring in new clients is we make sure they have their hosting in their name and their domain account in their name.

There is a number of ways to check that. One of the easiest ways, if you are interested in finding out if you actually own your domain is to do a whois search. Just do a Google search for whois and it will give you a number of options. You will be able to type in the url and it will tell you all of the information. It will tell you when the domain was purchased and who actually is on the ownership. If you are not the owner of the domain and if the owner does not want to give it to you. You technically do not have that domain and you can lose it and have to start over, which you don’t want to do. Because domain age is one of the important factors in web optimization.

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