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As the Editor in Chief for BSG’s various media and clients, I met someone recently who wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger. He hoped to increase his opportunities to reach larger audiences, and land a publishing deal in the process. But when I checked his social media platforms, here’s what I found:

– His Facebook banner photo was a shot of him fishing. (Apparently he likes to fish.)
– His Twitter background photo was his favorite football team.
– His Twitter bio was a Vince Lombardi quote: “We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.”

OK, that is all very nice. Except none of it had anything to do with him and his personal brand. If you want to be taken seriously as a business person, filmmaker, attorney, writer, political leader – whatever – you need to be easily discoverable. That means all your social media, website, blog and other information needs to support the perception you’re trying to achieve.

Confusion carries a hefty price tag because increasingly, job offers, opportunities to speak, news coverage, investors, publishers and more search for your information online and via social media. And if it’s not clear, they’ll look for someone else.

Don’t waste your digital real estate by squandering promotional opportunities via social media. Aim all your promotional guns in a single direction, by making sure your online, blog, and social media information point to your expertise and brand; everything focused together toward one place or goal.

Final Note: Sure a Twitter photo of a kitten is cute, but if you’re serious about your career and calling, I would suggest a photo of you or something related to business would accomplish so much more.

Be direct and succinct. Tell your story and then make your pitch. Having trouble? Contact us at BSG today. We can help.

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