Should You Consider Brand Mentions In Your SEO?

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The fact that Google is using brand mentions (also called “implied links”) in its algorithms came to light when one of the company’s patents was put online. While actual links direct people to a URL, implied links are a reference to a website without a hyperlink. It’s unclear just how Google is using brand mentions in its algorithms, but the fact that it filed a patent shows that it’s seriously examining how people talk about brands and websites online.

So, why is Google looking at brand mentions? For one thing, it may be their latest attempt to combat black-hat SEO tactics. Search engines and those looking to manipulate search results is a bit like the dynamic of an arms race. By incorporating new factors into its search rankings, Google can diminish the effects of those attempts to abuse its system. 

Eliminating those underhanded attempts to game the system should enable Google to return search results that give people their wants.

Google is looking at brand mentions because they are tied to its efforts to improve the search results. The web has changed to include more and more content created by users rather than website owners. Those users are less likely to create links when they mention websites or brands. If those conversations can be used by Google’s algorithms, the search engine may be able to better predict what people are really interested in when they look at search results.

In order to take advantage of Google’s interest in brand mentions, there are a few steps your business should take. One is to make sure that you’re being listed on the relevant online directories and review pages (like Yelp), also known as implied links. Getting more reviews on review sites is a terrific way to naturally boost the number of brand mentions you receive. Content marketing and social media marketing are also useful ways to boost the number of mentions your business receives. Articles, pictures, videos, and social posts that are shared by others are perhaps the best way to get people talking about your brand online. That conversation is exactly the kind of brand mention that search engines are starting to look for.

SEO is a complex process. Unprofessional attempts to boost your business’s SERPs can lead to the penalization of your website.

BSG SEO Brand Experts

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