Content: The Highway to Your Site

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Content: The Highway that Leads to Your Site.

Our instantaneous world makes creating successful and timely content all the harder. Online content operates in a realm where the supply vastly exceeds demand. People lack the capacity to consume even a fraction of it. The challenging dynamics of gaining and holding viewer attention are mashed up by the proliferation of venues through which marketers can publish, distribute, and promote endless content. And today’s consumer has had to become far more selective about what content they consume, and when. They have also become co-creators in the vast universe of content, sharing and curating content on digital media.

BSG knows that great content is about more than just clicks, engagement, and holding attention. The primary goal for all sites is to grow their brand, which they do by building strong content that unifies and promotes that single brand identity. The best content both informs and engages consumers. At BSG, we know that superior level of content establishes emotional connections with target audiences, building lasting impressions.

Whether it comes through stellar editorial content, shareable videos, viral social media campaigns, or user-generated content, most successful writing revolves capturing attention and then building enduring brand associations.

Does your website, image and brand do that? Does your product or service reinforce that? If not, then you need better verbiage on all your pages and social media. For marketers, the surplus of content means that digital marketing has turned into a battle for audience attention. Your customers’ inboxes, news feeds, and phones are continually bombarded with content and alerts. And the constant distractions that surround online activities have made marketing even more challenging by reducing consumers’ attention spans to a slim eight seconds.

Content Marketing

It sounds totally overwhelming, but it can be accomplished: Content marketing has become about producing more content, doing it at scale, and remaining authentic and personal at the same time. It’s about being everywhere at once. It’s about complexity management.

Talk about information overload…Every day there are 2.5 million pieces of content shared on Facebook alone. Every minute, 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. In the universe of content, these numbers aren’t getting any smaller: and the demand for content and the capacity to consume it cannot keep up. Attention is refocusing. People spend almost three hours each day consuming digital media on mobile screens—more than 50 percent of the total time spent online.

Winning demand comes down to capturing attention on mobile screens. Establishing a presence for your brand on that screen that gives consumers something to return to.

The shift to mobile has made it easier for people to curate which brands they interact with and when. Mobile content is largely centered around creating shorter, impactful moments that inform and entertain consumers.

The mobile app is a creative, opportunity-rich channel for brands to establish a presence on consumers’ smartphones that will provide utility, information, and entertainment, and be present right when mobile consumers need their phones most: at the moment of purchase. The mobile app brings brands into consumers’ everyday lives, adding utility and maintaining brand message.

Completely understanding that you are totally confused, but realize you have to have a hold on this technology now, even before you can grasp anything about it.

BSG Marketing Long Beach

That is why you call the experts at Blue Sand Group to assist.
Contact us, before the next wave hits. That highway can look awful empty and lonely when you have fallen that far back in technology.

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