When Content Is King, You Need A Great Copywriter


It is well known among the leading digital marketing communities that, though SEO is important, without captivating content, you can bet your Boolean that all the industrial science you can cook up is not going to make anything on your app or website appetizing. Mechanical mindsets make marvelous machines and populate the Internet with all manner of volume, but humanity seeks engaging, entertaining, and enlightening places that ease the eyes and thoughts into a comfortable contemplation.

This of course means that the hackneyed cliche “Content is King” actually resonates with truth. Web and app constructors across the spectrum are racing to find the writers who understand the lay of the land and the inhabitants thereof; wordsmiths who possess the alchemy of clever composition and spin vaporware into a real app that really rocks.

Most safaris for such writers tend to totally underestimate the need for endless creativity and constant consistency of quality required. Thus, they underbid the market and under-shoot the talent pool. Take a tough look at constructor’s websites. See how they display their wares…and inadvertently, their failings. From high school style simplicity to flowery, frustrated romance novelists, the language belies limited ability and scope. That reflects on you.

The rusty rebuff against reading for the last half decade has been that the world is visual…no one reads anymore. Only pictures can relate. Somehow those images of children staying up all night in very long lines to get their next Harry Potter book early in the morning seems to have escaped them. Seeing those huge hardcover tomes lugged all over the place and read over and over until the binding broke down also appears to have eluded them. Even Amazon is undertaking the quest to initiate brick and mortar bookstores!

Content is always King

Words — these strange little marks on the page or screen that form clusters and convey meaning are excellent tools. However, they are so much more! These little marks gathered before you have the intrinsic ability to engender amazing things. The right combination of them can make you laugh, make you cry, bring anger or be consoling. They have brought entire nations to the brink of war and destruction. And they can ties the world back into a tentative peace. Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword. These little letters and marks in front of you are the most powerful creation of humanity.

Most of what we read is ordinary; absorbed and essentially forgotten in a moment. Yet, well crafted verbiage not only captures the eyes, captivates the imagination and fires the soul, it can motivate one to action. It can also contribute to a very rich and rewarding experience. If you have ever found yourself reading something a second or third time, simply because it left you deep in thought or feeling a sense of satisfaction for having taken time with it, you have enjoyed the power of words.

At this point, perhaps you have even paused a moment, taken time to think, or even reread parts and portions of the previous paragraphs, noting the strength of the written word that had not occurred to you prior.

And there is the point, especially for you. If you have read this far, are now realizing something very important. You, your business, you image and branding and very presence in the physical and digital world is largely based on how words portray you and all you produce, sell or serve. The very subtle difference between why a consumer chooses you over another is very possibly over the few words that describe you.


If you take the time to critically read anything, suddenly the quality — or lack of it, stands out prominently. Look at your own sales tools or even your personal social media. How does it read to you now? What of your competition?

If you have convinced yourself that you could substantially boost your life and everything about it by improving the content, you have come to the right place.

If you compare Blue Sand Group and our client’s content to others in the field, the difference may be startling. Others have not realized that content really is king and without engaging material, all you have striven to create falls flat.

Quality writers are not “found”, they are “known.” Wordsmiths that possess the ability to change the course of your business and send it not to the next level, but to another horizon, cannot be uncovered by googling “best writer.” They do not advertise themselves. They are a rare and precious commodity found only by those who know about them already. In the office, they are usually sequestered in small corners or even set up away from other workers in odd places like conference rooms and kitchens. They work quickly, quietly and anonymously, writing like the wind and producing sparkling prose.

This is why you need Blue Sand Group.

We have Scott.

At BSG, we have Scott. Something of a timeless, ageless enigma, Scott appears to be the product of another aeon, long forgotten and only seen in classic black and white movies of yore. An “old school”, deadline driven journalist and wordsmith, he leaves the keyboard melty at the end of the day. Scott is rumored to have been started as a printer’s devil a century ago, when newspapers reached their zenith. Printer’s ink runs through his veins. There are whispers that in his home a portrait of him ages in his place, thus giving him a limited sort of immortality. (He maintains to this day that he never voted for Woodrow Wilson.) The gossip about his being in league with the devil is only substantiated by the fact that he is certified by the California State Bureau of Funerals and Cemeteries as a crematory operator.

Aside from a dubious past, his recent projects are buried under stacks of non-disclosures the size of Manhattan phone directories — if anyone still remembers what a phone book is.

He has ghosted popular books, major speeches, highly sought webinars, and important presentations for the famous, the powerful, the wealthy and the influential. Products that you use today found their original branding and image via his creative craft. Yet, you would not know him. He stands in the shadows and lets others in the limelight take the credit. He carries virtually no digital footprint since his mission is to enhance others. His work is both leading edge and timeless.

If you seek a sample of his work, you have been enjoying it thus far.

What can Scott accomplish for you?
Just imagine.

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