Creating Videos That Truly Make An Impact On Your Audience

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If you’re not creating and sharing videos to promote your business, you will risk being left behind by an entire generation. The old models of advertising are effective for some parts of the population, but overall you will be missing out on a huge portion of the population by ignoring online video. This isn’t just a future concern, it’s been happening for some time now. The type of video and the message you use also need to change, because the younger demographics are not content to passively absorb your message the way their parents are.

So the challenge businesses face is not in finding out where people are spending their time, but rather in creating content that effectively engages potential customers. The best way to do this is to create videos and other content that demonstrate your passion for, enjoyment of, and commitment to what your business does.

A video that shows you and your co-workers taking pride in your work and enjoying the time you spend with customers and clients will make a lasting impact on the people who see it. Your passion is what people will respond to, even more than the production values and ideas behind your video.

And while the under 35 demographic is still receptive to marketing, they don’t like to have their experience interrupted with ads. This lesson can be applied to your own marketing as well. Videos that create a seamless experience, where you simply focus on the theme of the video and try to relate to your audience, are more effective. Videos where the flow is interrupted by an excessive sales pitch will instead be a turnoff for much of the audience. Young people want to feel like they’re part of a conversation or an interaction, not simply a passive audience to be sold to.

It is therefore crucial that your videos and other marketing focus on that interaction and engagement. The responses you receive from your audience should be the focus of much of your follow-up on social media and in future content. If you work to build real relationships with your friends and followers, they will do a much better job of spreading the word about your videos, content, and ultimately your business. Over time, the online community you work to create will be your best ambassador and will help you spread your message far and wide. Contact Blue Sand Group for more

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