Better Customer Experience for your Car Dealership Website

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According to Relevate Auto, 72% of people say that they’d visit dealerships more if the process of buying a car was easier. Your customers would even be willing pay a little more for a better experience at the dealership. This is why customer experience has to be the number one factor. It applies to your car dealership website, too.

Today, the hunt for a new car begins on your company’s website. The CX (a.k.a. customer experience) is good on the dealership’s site, then people will tend to be more loyal to your dealership. And if this is the case, the process of purchasing a vehicle will be easier.

So, now here’s the question, how do you make your dealership’s website geared towards customer experience? We’ll explain.

Customer Experience and the Personal Touch

It’s always best when your site is geared towards your customers needs and wants. They do not want to be inundated with content that does not matter to them.

Instead, think of content ideas (blog posts, videos, etc.) that would be more beneficial. It could be as simple as writing an article explaining how often you should change your oil and why it needs to be done. You can also make a corresponding video showing how to change your vehicle’s oil.

This is unique content that your customers will want to know about.

Fix Weaknesses

Take a look at your site. Don’t just glance at it, but go through your car dealership’s website with fine tooth comb. Look at it from a customer’s perspective.

Can you navigate through it easy? How easy is the car buying experience? Then consider making changes if things aren’t up to your expectations.

Using Tools to Your Advantage

Keep up with the times. Does your car dealership website have an accessible chat tool? Is it easy to use? Your customers have questions, and they should have them answered.

The biggest thing is to make sure that each one of your tools on your website has a purpose. Do you have buttons linked to your social media pages? Make sure that the accounts are active and posting good content (as mentioned above too).

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