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At, BSG, we are Automotive Digital Marketing experts! In today’s auto market, you need more than a static website to captivate potential customers. You probably knew that – but did you realize that you also need more than some pretty display banners and a Facebook page that posts the latest memes to be truly successful in your digital efforts?

Your business simply “being online” just isn’t enough anymore. You need an integrated digital marketing strategy that will engage and grow your automotive audience, increase and drive traffic back to your website and finally, convert that traffic into leads.



No two people are exactly alike. In order to get their daily dose of news, some read the morning paper and some scroll through their Twitter feed. During a morning commute, some stream Pandora through their smartphone and others listen to local radio stations. Does your marketing behavior match up with your customers’ consumption habits? If you want to reach the right customers, wherever they might be, you need to incorporate both digital and traditional elements.

Explore our digital marketing services to learn more about how we can elevate your existing marketing endeavors or start an entirely new campaign for you.


The #1 way people look for new cars is through search! Mostly, they look on mobile devices. At BSG, we take Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) seriously. SEO is the process of improving your searchability in order to rank higher within a search engine’snatural/organic listings (e.g. Google).

When we take on a new auto dealer we look at lots of different data to see how your dealership is showing up organically when potential customers search for keywords such as “Auto Dealership” or a particular brand within a geographic zone. We look at your websites current traffic, time on site, pages visited, entry pages, bounce rate, and exit pages just to name a few.
Then, we use this data to adjust your website.



  • Analyze website and Google Analytics data for areas of opportunity
  • Implement industry research to keep your website up to date and ahead of constant changes in the field
  • Monitor keywords and optimize them for search
  • Manage and optimize your local directory to make you more visible
  • Add structured data or schema to your website
  • Find and implement external linking opportunities
  • Create valuable content which includes written text, images, infographics, local landing/conquest pages
  • Perform targeted internal linking
  • Develop in-depth reports each month to show progress
  • Make sure all of your images are properly tagged

And, much more…

At BSG, we are not your run-of-the-mill agency or firm that charges you monthly and produces no results. We do all of our work in house and are responsible to proving our value to you every month.


Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) or Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”) campaigns are the cornerstone of many auto dealer marketing programs. Many dealers spend thousands of dollarsa month and never really know whether it works or tracks their results. At BSG, we will customize a SEM program for your dealership that actually works.
We track your results and we give you a logical reason for our strategy. Our SEM Experts are able to plan and execute a custom plan:

  • We research the keywords used in your area
  • We target potential customers based upon mile radius, zip codes, counties, states
  • We track people who have visited your website before and which pages they visited
  • We create custom ads for particular searches
  • We make sure all the ads meet and exceed quality guidelines
  • We track your spending and adjust the campaigns to maximize your exposure
  • We set and track conversion goals for each campaign
  • We review and adjust your campaign daily and weekly


In a world where image is everything, display advertising could be one of the most effective forms of digital advertising available. Think of display advertising like the displays in old fashioned store fronts. The store uses them to induce you to come in and take a look around.

At BSG, our team has become experts at display advertising. We can have display ads show on various sites whenever a car buyer is looking on the web and searching around. Additionally, we can even display ads multiple times on different browsers so the buyer is always aware of your dealership.

In addition to be experts in display advertising, at BSG, the auto dealer experts, we can also design all the advertisements for you and submit them for compliance.


Think of retargeting as a kind of digital stalking. Here’s an example:

John and his wife Mary are looking on the web for a new car. They visit your website and look as a great little 4 door sedan with good gas milage. They soon leave your website without taking any action and start to look at other auto dealer websites. Then, they start to look on travel websites because they are planning a vacation. Soon, various ads start to appear for the 4 door sedan they looked at on your website. Everywhere they go, this ad seems to follow then, until they finally do decide to take action.

Is this magic? No, not at all! This is one of the many digital tactics BSG used to ensure your auto dealership and moving metal! Contact BSG, the Automotive Digital Marketing experts!


You auto dealership has a great website and you getting some good traffic. But, is it working the best if could?
Are you converting browsers into buyers?

One of the ways we help measure this statistic is by creating conversion pages on your website that we specifically track. When a potential buyer lands on this page, we start to watch his behavior. Which links does he click on? How long is he on the page?
Where does his mouse move? Does he fill out a form?

By tracking all these statistics, we are able to build a profile that helps us determine just how effective the conversion
page is and also helps us to determine exactly what we need to do in order to get better.
Our goal is not jus to maintain the status quo, but to get better every day. That is the BSG auto dealer digital excellence way!


There is no way around it, video marketing MUST be an essential part to your marketing strategy. With over 75 percent of online users watching videos weekly, and 65 percent of those users watching three-quarters of the video, you cannot afford to ignore them.

Our video production team consists of film majors and marketers who know the automotive industry very well. How do they know this industry so well? Through years of working with dealerships and automotive companies such as: Toyota, Volkswagon, Mazda and many more. Our team takes the time to get to know each dealership so that the culture of each individual dealership is conveyed in their truest form through each video we produce. They also work closely with the GM of each dealership to make sure nothing is missed. Grand opening? Our team is ready to give you your close up. New inventory? Let’s film a car show and get these beauties up on Facebook Live!
Contact BSG, the Automotive Digital Marketing experts!


Social Media. One of the top players of any marketing strategy. If a dealership does not include social media in their marketing strategy, they’re excluding over half of their customers.
Here are just a few of the many statistics that will help you understand why you need to do social media right.
71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others (Source: Dream Grow).
22% of the world’s population uses Facebook (Source: Wordstream).
Nearly 80% of time spent on social media platforms happens on mobile (Source: Wordstream).

With over 15 years experience and over 30 dealerships, which include: Toyota, Volvo, BMW, Mazda and more, we know just a thing or two about automotive social media.
From daily monitoring of client’s social platforms, to responding to all reviews – positive or negative, to monthly social media analytic reports, we are the social media experts for the automotive industry.


In today’s digital realm, everyone and their grandmother has the ability to tell the world their opinion. That is why it is imperative now, more than ever, to protect your dealership’s reputation. Our Reputation Management team see incriminating remarks and reviews that are often not fully truthful or, much of the story is left out. Leading anyone who comes across the review to believe the respective dealership is conducting bad business and does not care about their customers or reputation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. But when two out three people refer to the internet as their trusted source, the truth lies in whether these reviews have been managed and addressed – well and appropriately. Our team works closely with each dealership on:

  • Reputation Management best practices
  • Responses that are effective
  • Online behavior
  • Responding to ALL reviews both positive and negative
  • Facilitating dialogue between customer and business in private messages when possible
  • Flagging and reporting reviews where appropriate


Is your advertising effective? That is the age old question. Often times with auto dealers, the general strategy has been to spend lots of money on many different modes of advertising and if you sold more cars, the advertising is working.
On the surface, this might make sense, but when you dig a little deeper, it is easy to see that many different modes of advertising deliver many different results. For the first time ever in the industry, we are able to quantify exactly which advertising is effective and which is not effective.

At BSG, we have creating our own proprietary program that is able to determine with over an 85% accuracy which advertising methods are working and source them to the advertising method. This awesome system is called “The Ad Auditor.” The Ad Auditor is the first “Cloud Based” advertising tracking and auditing service designed for the busy and well-informed business owner. We take the guesswork out of whether an advertising vendor is effective or not. Then, we make is easy for you to execute on changes you need to make for your business! Let us help you advertise with confidence! Contact BSG, the Automotive Digital Marketing experts!

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