Digital Speed in an Analog World

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Attaining Digital Speed in an Analog World

Although everything around you is in digital mode, you are probably still operating in an analog world you have created for yourself. You think you are speeding along. However, speed is relative. Racing in a car is fast, but the speediest roadster is not going to attain flight speed, thus even the slowest planes are naturally going to be a bit swifter than most autos in today’s world.

Being on computers or devices means little. It your approach and attitude towards how you communicate using these tools that makes the difference. That is why people turn to Blue Sand Group. In today’s digital world, we constitute “full service.”

Like the range of our clients, our expanding services are also quite diverse. When we charge beyond the borders of traditional public relations and traditional marketing tactics, we cross into an area that on ancient maps would be a large, white, empty area with the world “UNEXPLORED” emblazoned across it. Advancing into a territory where most PR agencies fear requires one to be equipped with an army of creative strategies, branding ideas, video production abilities, social media management, guerrilla tactics, and even some regular, old fashioned advertising.

Certainly, charging in the right way and direction will accumulate scads of press. People will want to regularly book broadcast time with you. The product, person or service will generate massive media buzz for you as our client. In a word, this is our passion—to make you a star! However, we at BSG are by nature overachievers. That means we cannot stop there…or as the late night ads scream “But wait! There’s more!”

The question then happens to be…are you ready for it? Our experience here at BSG is vast. We are expert storytellers, high level strategists, deep intellectuals, amazing communicators, geeky techies, frightening visionaries, and pop-culture fabricators. We craft and create the millennial market. We do not follow trends, we create them. We move so fast the keyboard here gets kinda melty.


Let’s set the stage. Shall we start at the beginning? There is a distinct difference between PR and marketing. Marketing aligns with active advertising and sale of a product. Public relations has to do with creating an image for a company or individual. Any media coverage BSG does on your company will reflect this image, and this is integral to the field of PR.

As a prime PR and Marketing Firm in Los Angeles Region that has been around the block a few times, BSG truly understands the task of creating an attractive, alluring image. BSG possesses the unique ability to find the best common denominator. This talent ensures our clients will always have their best positioning; earning the public trust, stating the message memorably, and gaining the coverage necessary to create favorable opinion across the spectrum.

BSG media relationships have been cultivating in the region for over 13 years. They are the product of the persistence and dedication. As a leading Long Beach and Los Angeles Region PR and Marketing firm, these media contacts know they can trust us to provide them with newsworthy content. That means you…after we have built up your image and branding via public relations. By the time your company has been built up and burnished by BSG the media will be thrilled to provide coverage of virtually anything and everything you have got to offer. We make you exciting and interesting.


Many great products never see the light of day because all products need marketing. There are an abundance of existing products that reach a certain plateau of exposure with marketing, but they never arrive anywhere at their full potential. While this may be due to the administration of a company’s affairs, the true failure probably lies in mediocre marketing strategies that never grasped the full advantage of all available resources.

Blue Sand Group appreciates that each of our clients is a unique and valued partner in an greater venture that we assemble for them. Every campaign is a new and exciting opportunity for BSG to flex our PR & marketing muscle in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and beyond. Every new project is approached with a strategic, think tank intensity. BSG embraces the challenges and advantages inherent with every person, product or service. We thrive when YOU thrive. that is the secret of our success as a vibrant PR & marketing firm in Long Beach and the Los Angeles region. Passion for projects surges through each service, product and client we work with. BSG is renowned for innovative campaigns. Seriously, Blue Sand Group is small but one of the finest PR and marketing agency Long Beach and the Los Angeles Region holds.

Take the time to talk to us today. You will be glad you did.

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