Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

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A reoccurring problem that we seem to address frequency is the lack of control client’s have over their web properties. Because it can be very confusing, companies will want their web developer or SEO provider to take care of everything.

While it’s important that your online marketing company is responsive and proactive, the client should take some responsibility or at least have all of the relevant information for their website. Here are a few basic tips that will help you to have better control of your web properties.

Purchasing Your Domain Name

This is one of the most fundamental steps in having control of your website. It is always better if you set up the account and purchase your website address. If you have your developer or SEO provider set up an account for you, make sure they create an account for your company independent of theirs. Have your own payment information and make sure you receive your login credentials, which usually consist of a customer number and password.

Why Is This Important

In the event that you ever want to change hosting accounts or move your website, the only way this can be accomplished is by changing the name servers which can only be done through the domain.

If the developer purchases the domain through his or her account, technically they own the domain. Now in most cases, the developer will transfer the domain to your account but it creates an unnecessary step in the process. Additionally if for some reason the developer goes out of business or there is a disagreement, you might not be able to get your domain name.

Login Credentials for Website

When we begin working on a customer’s website, there are certain pieces of information that we must have to begin making the necessary changes. They are Control Panel (Cpanel), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and if the website has a Content Management System (CMS), the login for this. While it is not expected for you to understand how these credentials work, it is important that you have access to this information.

Why It’s Important

Having access to Cpanel, FTP and CMS is important because these are the ways that your website can be accessed that way work can be performed. Cpanel access allows for the greatest access to your web property. In addition to accessing your website files, it also offers access for email accounts and other information. If the developer or SEO provider will be handling your email, then they will need this information.

FTP access allows access to the website files only. Changes can be made to the website through FTP. If the website has a CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, changes can be made from there. A CMS offers the ability for the customer to make changes to the website without the knowledge of HTML or other website coding languages. Having access to this information helps speed up transitions. It also gives the client the peace of mind to know that they have control of their web properties.

When we partner with a new company who is looking to establish their web presence, we make sure that the client has access to all of these properties. We understand that all of this information can be very confusing so we try to simplify the process as much as possible. When we create a new account for them, we make sure all of the information is in the client’s name. Then, they are provided with all of the necessary access information. We then provide the client with all of this information.

Storing Information

It is important to keep all of your access information in a secure location. Only the most necessary personnel should have access to this information. Think of this information as the keys to your website. If you have questions about your website access, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Give us a call at (800)303-8803.

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