How Facebook Wi-Fi Will Benefit Your Business

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Business owners and marketing teams have to strategically think of how to get customers to check into their business on social media networks. Businesses usually advertise it in store, or offer incentives to get customers to check in. Why do businesses even bother?

Because for every customer that checks in, there’s an advertisement opportunity. It allows their friends to discover that business by showing up on their news feed. Facebook recently took this form of advertising a step further and has made it easier for businesses. It now allows people to access Facebook Wi-Fi every time a person checks into a business. Yes, you’ve read that right. Facebook allows businesses to become a local hotspot.  

The purpose of Facebook Wi-Fi

Once a customer checks into a business that offers Facebook Wi-Fi, they’ll connect to the Wi-Fi for free. Facebook gives the customers an option to manually check in or choose a setting that’ll automatically check them in when they visit again.

Benefits to Facebook Wi-Fi

The reasoning behind Facebook Wi-Fi is to give businesses more exposure. Businesses will generate more brand awareness, and have an opportunity to increase their likes on Facebook. It also helps businesses drive in traffic through social proof. With people checking into your business, they’ll be able to review and tell their friends about it. Facebook Wi-Fi also makes it easier for for people to find your business and a map is provided to direct them.

Social Media Management at BSG

There are so many opportunities to grow your business through social media, and it takes a great digital marketing plan to do so. A digital marketing plan makes it easier to meet your business objectives and get a good return on investment. Here at BSG, we focus on building a plan to help businesses meet their goals. Through search engine optimization strategy and social media management, we drive traffic right to your business. To learn more on how to prosper within digital marketing, contact BSG today.


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