Adjusting To Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Changes

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Over the past few years, Facebook has worked to emphasize its role in distributing content. It seems like a lot of users felt that they were missing important posts by their friends. The News Feed still displays updates from brands and publishers for Facebook users who interact with that content.

Adjusting to Facebook’s Algorithm

This change has made it difficult for businesses to make a posts and reach everyone who has liked their page. By using your Facebook page to advertise and repost content, people will lose interest. On the other hand, this change can be beneficial for those businesses that interact with their audience.

The second major change Facebook made was to move posts displaying likes and comments by friends on News Feed.

Reducing the presence of these posts in the News Feed was made in response to user complaints about those posts’ relevance. Businesses that create content with real value are not harm by this change. Facebook is still very interested in distributing content, but it wants to share the content its users are most interested in. Original visual content (pictures, videos, and even infographics) is a great example of what works well in this environment, because people are much more likely to share content with a visual element.

Overall, being social is best way to deal with the changes in Facebook’s News Feed. Businesses who use Facebook as just another outlet for distributing their latest promotion are being harmed by the latest updates to the algorithm. Instead, it’s more important than ever to build relationships. This will have an impact on both your Facebook page as well as in the physical world, where your customers will begin to see the people behind the business.

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