Five Simple SEO Tips to Follow

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is extremely important in the digital age.

But we know that your SEO strategy may not be it’s best. That’s why we are summarizing five simple SEO tips that you should be including to stay competitive in your industry.

Grouping Your Keywords

Grouping keywords together can be a way for you to save time, and see what URLs pop depending on which keywords. If there’s a connection, you can pair them into groups.

What are the advantages into grouping keywords?

 — It will allow you to improve your overall SEO strategy, because then you can see which keywords work for your site and which do not.

— If you keep a regular blog on your site, the keyword groupings can help you come up with topics for your next articles.

— Should one keyword work better than another, this will allow you to prioritize certain landing pages on your site.

You can either group keywords by hand using an Excel spreadsheet, or use a simple and easy tool that can make the process much easier.

Page Changing Monitor

If there are multiple people working on your website, there are tools available to let you know when a change has been made to a certain page.

These tools will allow you to see if a change will affect your rankings on search engines.

Research on competitors SEO

Are you ever curious as to what your competitors are doing on the SEO front? Just like with page change monitor, you can find sites that will let you see when a competitor comes out with new content on their site, new links, etc.

Doing some research on your competitors’ SEO can help you even stay with, and even surpass your them by coming up with a better strategy.

Variations on long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are good for getting very specific searches to your website organically.

While it might take a while longer to see results from these long-tail keywords, your site will see better results than in the long term.

What’s the catch? Well, it could be an issue trying to find the perfect long-tail keyword that’ll both make money and fit your website.

Tracking your mobile site

Mobile devices are a necessity these days, we use it every day, from looking up restaurants near us, to checking the score of our favorite sports team.

That’s why it’s becoming even more important that your website is responsive to mobile devices. And while Google has not yet released mobile indexing, you can already keep track of your mobile ranking through the Google Search Console. This feature is simple to use and will allow to come up with a strategy specifically for the mobile users.

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