Getting the Ketchup Flowing

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Getting ketchup in a glass bottle is something of a rarity anymore. Unique designs now have the top on the bottom so that gravity draws the sauce to the place you want it to be…the opening. Squeezable containers allow for the product to then flow easily eliminating the annoying bottle thumping and all the frustrations, accidents and difficulty.

However, there was a way to those old ketchup bottles…with a clever marketing message inherent.

The relatively high viscosity and thixotropic nature of ketchup can make pouring it from a glass bottle somewhat difficult and unpredictable. Certainly, you can recall several urban legends surrounding this phenomenon of getting the ketchup out of a new bottle. According to one popular folk remedy, repeatedly hitting the “57” mark on a glass Heinz ketchup bottle makes the ketchup pour out more quickly and easily.

Actually, years ago the New York Times noted this was actually a matter of intentional design, with Heinz having placed the “57” mark on that particular spot of the bottle as a target for consumers to hit with the palm of their hand. Thus, they repeatedly looked at the label, reinforcing the brand in their minds.

According to the Heinz website, only 11% of people know this trick. So, although clever, it did not accomplish its task of making the brand memorable…and it did not help get the ketchup out of the bottle for the average consumer.

That is a matter of messaging. Something you need in your business and something we help you do very well. Feeling bottled up? Call BSG today to find out how we can un-stick your ketchup bottle and get you smoothly flowing.

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