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Here is Why You Aren’t Getting Noticed

Breakaway Millennials; that is what they are called. One has to envy them for their boldness, brashness and independence.

Electing autonomy and freedom over traditional 9 to 5 careers, millennials have been dubbed the “true entrepreneur generation.” In fact, a survey by Bentley University reported that a full 67% of millennials say their career goals involve starting their own businesses.

Calculate that out: In a world where millennials will comprise 75% of the U.S. workforce by 2025 — that’s a lot of entrepreneurs—tens of millions.

So, if building a business is on your list, you’ll now need to know more than just how to attract clients, close deals and scale profits. With so much competition, your most important skill may be simply standing out from the crowd.

Being strictly old school myself, I would like the offer the classic method of rising above the masses. My degree was in Broadcast Journalism. Yes, I know, today’s journalists are so biased and unreliable that they rate right down there with used car salesmen and telemarketers. However, in the “olden days” journeyman reporters and career journalists were held in high esteem and reported what was actually there, rather than what they want you to see. Enough said.

The classic way to stand out from the get-go is to rally some pals and begin interviewing them. Then post everything up online after creating a platform that allows you to offer their stories on a grander scale. In other words, make them and yourself important. Social media and the internet are not the be-all, end-all.They are simply a conduit. Use them to advance yourself.

Feature causes. Make your people celebrities involved in causes. Go and talk with CEOs disrupting industries. Find activists taking a stand for something truly worthwhile. Chat with everyday people making a living doing what they love. Anything and everything. Record it and do it well. Then, get it out there.

Focus on the do-gooders of your generation. Provide valuable content that is inspirational.
Tell somebody else’s story and give others something concrete to add to their life.

Ready to move to the next level? Here are the five biggest tips I know that will help you capture audience attention and continuously stay relevant:

Target a niche. “I think everybody needs to have a niche: What is it that separates you from other people? Figure out what you’re most passionate about and then really dial in on that very specific topic, because you can’t be general. The second you go general you’re going to lose your audience.”

Become an expert. In order to attract an audience, you’re going to need to establish yourself as a true and credible source for select information. Spend time researching, seek out direct experience and work with people who are already established figureheads in your industry. The more you become a primary source, the more people will consult you first for their needs.

Be picky. Don’t settle for producing just any run-of-the-mill product. Develop a specific set of criteria that represents your brand and stick to it. Make it stand out and apart from the others in the field. Set the bar high, and you will become known for consistently producing top-grade content and products. Businesses that accomplish this get talked about, recommended and shared.

Tap into your network. Hone your resources by finding out who’s already in your network that you can leverage. The more you grow your network, the more opportunities will show up to get noticed. You never know who might have an “in” with the editor of a big publication or who knows somebody influential who could seriously benefit you.

Host your own event. Once you’ve assembled an entire network of like-minded entrepreneurs, bring them together for a focused event. Lead them and also let them lead; lift everyone to a new level. The goal is to provide a space where people within your sphere can get to know each other, make connections, collaborate and benefit from the information you provide. This gets your name out and keeps you fresh in mind when your friends decide to host their own events.

Need some assistance getting this all on track? Contact us at BSG and we can certainly get you rolling right.

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