Getting the Most Out of YouTube Marketing

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One of the major benefits of using YouTube is that it is easy to embed your videos on other sites. Embedding your video directly in your business’s website and social media accounts is a good way to increase your video’s reach. Doing so makes certain that your followers on social media will see your video and perhaps share it themselves. In fact, people are much more likely to share video content than typical posts. This is why your YouTube marketing and social media accounts need to work well together.

These videos can also give your website a nice visual element. Many people are more likely to be engaged by video than by text. Embedding your videos allows people to get a direct look at what you’ve created. It also enables them to view your video more easily than a link to YouTube itself.

While it’s great to make certain that people who are already interested in your business can see your video, it’s also important to reach a new audience. You’ll need to do some search optimization to make sure that your videos are easy to find when people search with keywords relevant to your business. The title, description, and tags of your video are all part of determining what shows up in searches on YouTube.

Balanced YouTube Marketing

However, you have to take a balanced approach. It’s important that your videos’ titles and descriptions still put your brand front and center. You don’t want to confuse potential customers.

It’s also important to consider whether your videos take into account how people watch videos online in general and on YouTube specifically. One element to be aware of is the length of your video. TV ads tend to be 30 to 45 seconds, but YouTube videos should typically last 2 to 3 minutes. You don’t want your videos to run for too long. If they are, people will lose interest before you get to the call to action.

Production values are also an important consideration. You can be successful with either a slick, flashy video or one that tells your business’s story in a simple manner. The people in the video must be easy to see and hear.

YouTube marketing can really help set your business apart from the competition. It can provide exactly the kind of content that is crucial in online marketing. It is important that using YouTube be part of a larger online marketing strategy, and the professionals at BSG can create and implement a winning strategy for your business. BSG has the professionals to shoot and edit video for your business, and our social media managers can spread your video across the web.

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