In 2006 both the Oxford English and Merriam-Webster dictionaries added the verb “google” to their pages. Though Google itself resists the public’s broad use of the term to dissuade them from genericizing its trademark, it’s difficult to believe the company didn’t feel just a touch of pride. After all, it achieved this landmark less than … Continue reading "What is Google?"
According to NetCraft, there are about 189 million active websites on the internet today. Google estimates that this number breaks down into 60 trillion individual pages, a number that is constantly growing. In navigating through the internet’s many articles, images and videos, Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, describes the perfect search engine as … Continue reading "What Happens during a Google Search?"
This is the meat and potatoes of Google search, a question search engine optimizers have been trying to answer for years. While it is generally understood how Google’s patented PageRank algorithm generates an SERP, the specifics remain as secret as Coke’s magic formula or the Colonel’s Kentucky Fried recipe. To hear Google tell it, this … Continue reading "How Does PageRank Work?"
Since the beginning of the internet there have been spammers intent on defrauding users and generally spoiling things for legitimate businesses. Because you may be a legitimate business attempting SEO but unaware of its best practices – or wondering why Google issued you a manual spam penalty – below is a list of spam types … Continue reading "Types of Spam"
In late 2010, the New York Times ran an article on the now infamous website and its sinister webmaster-in-chief Vitaly Borker. Twisting every tenet of advertising and customer relations on its head, Borker was able to parlay a history of shoddy service and personal threats to his customers into the number one spot on … Continue reading "How Have Google’s Updates Changed Its Algorithm?"
The Next Wave is Coming! Google does not stand still and neither does Blue Sand Group. BSG will soon be introducing a new wave of both content and SEO. This serves as a preview. BSG has built and developed our reputation on design and criteria that is superior to the crowd that
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