The Immediate Versus The Important

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Your Greatest Challenge of the Digital Age

Immersed in social media and with zillions of distractions everywhere else, there are innumerable temptations surrounding us. Most of them cater to the various basic emotions that have been around since the first human walked on the earth. While we all wrestle with pride, greed, lust, envy and the other so-called “deadly” sins, one great fault has emerged in today’s digital age: Choosing the immediate over the important.

Read that again. It is a truly profound consideration. In fact, if it is not a huge challenge for you, chances are you are not taking business, your career or your personal life seriously. We all have important tasks before us every day – taking care of ourselves and our families, building and maintaining our marriage and other friendships, work related tasks, accomplishing our personal and business focused goals, along with much more. Those issues may manifest themselves in the form of launching that important project, spending additional quality time with your kids, or focusing on a new and exhausting creative challenge. But instead of focusing on that one big thing, most of us become endlessly infatuated with the immediate – constantly checking email, social media, and other trivialities. In other words – what’s in front of our face at the moment.

That’s not to say email and social media can’t be important. But how often do you push back that book you should be writing, or that project you should be working on, shaving off face time with family and relations in favor of the instant gratification of answering a new email message, or posting on Instagram? Is the little message on the litte device all that important?

Let’s change it up and start choosing the important over the immediate. Just because something is in front of your face doesn’t make it important. Step back, set the device aside, look at the bigger picture, and take a deep breath. How do you want to be remembered? What is your legacy? What’s the most important thing you need to do right now for the long term?

It’s a daily battle, and most likely, one that we’ll never stop fighting. That’s why it’s so critical to remember what’s truly important over what’s simply immediate.

Knowing the difference – and acting on it – can change your future and your life.

Thanks for reading.

To Your Success…


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