The Importance Of Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion rate optimization is about perfecting the work that’s been done on your online marketing strategy. Whether you are a retailer, a restaurant, a law firm, or any other type of business, you’ve undoubtedly seen the impact that seemingly small improvements can have. That applies to the wording in your marketing just as much as it applies to the amount of seasoning in a restaurant’s signature dish.

The Benefits of CRO

Of course, a conversion can mean something different for different businesses. A conversion is someone who becomes a paying customer for your business. For a retailer with an online store, a conversion includes someone who makes a purchase right on your website. A conversion may include someone who follows up on your call-to-action by filling out a form that includes their information.  Conversions are the way your marketing translates to additional revenue for your business.

The biggest reason to focus on CRO is the financial benefits it can offer. It can save your business money by preventing you from spending unnecessarily on advertising that isn’t effective. By optimizing your website and your overall marketing, you will increase the impact your marketing makes on your bottom line. And the cost of CRO is often much less than the cost of buying more ads or devoting significant amounts of time to building a new marketing effort. You will be spending smarter instead of spending more.

The typical website converts a certain percentage of the overall number of visitors on their first visit. An increase of a couple of percentage points in your conversion rate can lead to a significant gain in the overall amount of business your site generates. This boost in profits is absolutely the goal of your marketing efforts. Gain an advantage over the competition by employing CRO.

How To Improve Your Business’s Conversion Rate

It’s important to break down the steps your customers take to achieve goal. Visitor might be confused about where to go or distracted by the number of options available to them. You can make it as straightforward as possible for them to make a purchase or sign up for your services. You want to make their progress through your site as streamlined as possible while still including enough engaging content to hold their attention and interest in what your business provides.

Speaking of content, the images, videos, and words you choose to use on your website also make an impact on visitors. Even their size and placement on the page can be an area where CRO can lead to improvements. You should work to identify the visual content that makes the best impression on your potential customers. Perhaps people will be more likely to make a purchase when they see a picture of one particular product as compared to another. Landing pages are also something worth your consideration. When one of your marketing campaigns directs traffic to your website, taking those new visitors directly to a page that includes content and call to action based on the campaign could lead to a higher conversion rate.

What Helps Your CRO

Gather data determine what parts of your marketing plan are working well and what needs to be improved. Without data, you’re going to be operating based on guess work and hunches. While your hunches can be a good source of potential improvements, you need concrete evidence of the effect your website has on visitors in order to make the changes that will have the most positive impact. It’s also crucial to have data on hand when you begin A/B testing changes to your site.

About A/B Testing

A/B testing is how you will find out which changes to your website are most effective. You will create two distinct variations of specific webpages, and then you’ll send an equal amount of traffic to each one. You will then compare the conversion rates each page earns to determine which one works best. Unlike other tests (like before and after testing), A/B testing enables you to isolate other variables like the time of year). The only difference will be the impact each of your webpage variations makes on potential customers. And in order to improve your conversion rate the most, you need to run quite a few A/B tests. Each test may only lead to incremental improvements in your site’s design, but those increments will add up to something big over time.

CRO with BSG

Conversion rate optimization can help your business identify the parts of your marketing that need be improved. It can boost your revenues, and it can help to set you apart from the competition. If your online marketing is not generating the returns your business needs, be sure to contact BSG. Our team of web designers, programmers, and marketing experts will work to create a website for you. An overall web presence that generates real returns and attracts new customers to your business.

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