Interacting With Customers On Social Media

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Spreading your business’s message is probably the reason you’re taking part in social media. You want to be able to deliver important news (whether it’s a new service you’re offering or a sale you’re running) to your customers. If you’re treating your Facebook page like any other advertising opportunity, people will quickly lose interest.

Not Like PR

When people are willing to spend their time on social media with your business, it’s because they really want to talk to you. They are certainly not looking for PR speak and form responses. It’s vital that those running your business’s social media accounts respond to people individually, and make them feel like they’re having a conversation. In short, you need to interact with your customers and potential customers.

When you’re interacting with customers on social media, it’s important that you do your best to make that interaction a positive one. For one thing, your messages will typically be seen publicly. That means that you have the opportunity to not only create a good impression with the person you’re talking to, but also with everyone else who sees that interaction. This visibility is a double-edged sword, because dissatisfied people can use the platform to spread their complaints.

Responding to Customers

A recent study really illuminates what people expect from the businesses they interact with on social media. The study looked at Twitter. It demonstrates that businesses can benefit or suffer based on how they respond to people on Twitter. People expect businesses to promptly reply to their complaints. And by prompt, I mean that the majority of people surveyed expected replies within one hour! Businesses that failed to quickly reply created a negative impression. 60% of users said they would take “unpleasant actions” against the business, including shaming the company on Twitter.

On the other hand, there are big benefits to a positive interaction. Prompt replies that address the individual’s issue can win that person over to the business’s side. Of those surveyed, 34% said they’d buy more from the company, and 43% said they’d recommend the business. And forty-three percent said they would publicly praise the business on social media.

Using social media for your business can help you reach new customers, and it gives your business the opportunity to spread its message. It’s also clear that your business’s account must offer people something worthwhile, and that people are able to interact with it regularly. The professionals at BSG are experts at promoting your business through social media.

BSG will assign your business a personal Social Media Manager, who will update your accounts and build relationships with your followers. Contact BSG today to get started creating the social media presence that will set your business apart from the competition.

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