How to Keep your Facebook Videos Engaging (Without Sound!)

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Facebook has made sharing videos easier than ever. You can upload, share, and even do a live video. But there’s a catch that you may not be aware of. Studies show that only 15% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound on. This may be for a number of reasons, from being at work or school to simply being too lazy to turn on the sound. So how do you keep a video engaging with no sound? Should we start taking pointers from the silent movies of the 1900s?

Facebook videos

No fear! We’re here with tips on how to keep your videos engaging without sound.

Facebook videos

1. Be animated

We understand not all videos are going to be very active, but don’t just stand still and bore your audience to death. Be animated as you speak! Showing emotion and using gestures will make your audience want to turn on the sound.

Facebook videos

2. Keep your video visually pleasing

As much as possible, make your videos visually pleasing. This means you need color and motion. Think of the videos you watch on Facebook (*cough* Tasty *cough*): why do you watch them? More often than not you simply come across videos, you do not explicitly search for them. What keeps you watching it is that it catches your eye with engaging visuals.

Facebook videos Facebook videos

3. Add subtitles

Subtitles are great for two reasons: they get your message across with no sound, and you can have fun with them. When you’re listening to a video with sound, the dialogue and possibly music is all that you’ll hear. But with subtitles, you can add in emotions or separate thoughts. Get your message across, but also make it a little amusing.

Facebook videos

4. Make an unexpected soundtrack

Don’t get us wrong, you should still definitely have some kind of sound to your videos, even if your audience may not always be listening. You can also have fun with this too. Take American Express for example: they knew Facebook users rarely listen to videos, so when they were promoting Amex customer pre-sale tickets to a Guns ‘n’ Roses concert, the sound on their concert video wasn’t music, but instead an offer of free tickets to the first 50 people to comment referencing the offer. This is just one example of plenty of ways you can make the sound engaging for audience who is actually listening.

We hope you find these tips informative and helpful for your future Facebook videos!

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