Keeping It Real: The Importance of Posting Original Content

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Jaws, Michael Keaton’s Batman, Transformers, Lays potato chips: The Original is always best. (Sorry, GoBots. Not sorry, Cappuccino flavor chips.) When it comes to social media marketing, content drives engagement. And when it comes to content, the more unique and original, the more it will encourage users to engage with you. Therefore, original content is of the utmost importance.

original content creators

Write for your readers. Ask questions to make them pay attention and feel like you’re having a conversation. Posts which are written specifically for your audience, in a conversational and authentic way, will be the most successful in catching, and holding, your readers’ attention.

Originality can help build your brand. Posting original content will help search engines drive traffic to your website. And sharing your own original content will help boost your reputation as being knowledgable, and creative, and perhaps more trustworthy.

Original = fresh. With so much constantly recycled content out there, it can get boring and stale. Using original material keeps it fresh and exciting, and most importantly keeps people interested.

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