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I love to talk about big picture issues like engaging today’s culture. But the other direction is just as important. We sometimes forget that just getting your message understood by your boss, or your employees or team is critical to making the big picture happen. Two types of communicators you need to understand are people who think by talking, and people who think by doing. I’m a doer. Maybe it’s my A.D.D., but I’m really not interested in most details.

We have an office here with the atypical whiteboards overwhelmed with circles, arrows, buzzwords, and other stuff – it if often filled. When we have a plan going, we all take a look under the hood of projects and rummage around in there. Many clients just want to see the dashboard: tell me how fast we’re going, and if we have enough gas, and I’m fine.
Not the set of people here. We all dive in and have no qualms about feed backing the boss.

Which communication style is your boss? Your clients? Your team? The people you communicate with?

Communications is very straight forward these days; direct and to the point. If you want to get to most people you use bullet points, not details. Community meetings get together and it often sounds like a non-stop chat fest. I get together with our small marketing team and sometimes we get large amounts of planning and brainstorming done in minutes….it is called focus.

The point is? We are constantly frustrated because we don’t take the time to learn how people communicate. It’s not about “better or worse.” Both styles work, but are very different – and you’ll never accomplish much if you don’t learn and respond to the ways different people communicate.

Know who you’re talking to, and make sure the message you transmit is the message that’s received. Then see how your life changes…

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