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Not up to Social Media Speed Yet?

Take a look at that old photo. That is the Univac computer in the NASA control center. That computer helped guide three astronauts to the moon and back. All the massive computing power of that entire room of mechanical marvel is but a tiny fraction of the capability of the device you hold in your hand today.

Well, it is 2016 and everything new is quickly old and passé especially in the realm of social media. Seriously, did you realize that Twitter is TEN YEARS OLD? That is ancient in tech terms. The only thing that keeps it around is its popularity, probably with increasingly older folks. Younger people have moved on to apps that most of us have yet to even hear about.

However, before you panic at being left in the digital dust of technology racing past you, let me calm your fears by providing the current list of the top ten most popular social media. Your heart will cease to be troubled and you might want to experiment with a few of the items listed that you are not familiar with. All of these are currently the top dogs with iPhone users. In order they are:


HootSuite is already one of the most popular social media apps. Note why: it is a management tool. The app is a bit less intuitive than the desktop tool and a touch more difficult to use, but HootSuite still offers a great way to manage multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook Fan Pages and a whole lot more all from the same place. You can use the app to engage with your audience across your social media profiles, schedule updates, monitor conversations and see basic statistics for your links. Yes, you need this one.

2. Everypost

Another congregator, this useful app basically allows you to post your updates to all the major social networks from one place. Yes, very convenient! All you have to do is write your message, add photos or videos, hashtags and people and then send it to any social network you want (or even all at the same time): Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and via e-mail. And get this nifty feature: The Twitter text shortener feature automatically shortens your tweets so that they are under 140 characters. The app still sports a few glitches with some networks refusing to connect but, it is another must have item.

3. Facebook

Ah, the old veteran of the bunch! The iOS Facebook app is not the best, but it does all that it’s supposed to do slow as a snail on occasion. You can use it to keep an eye out for your friends’ updates, share updates, photos and videos, get notifications, play games and talk to your friends. If you like using Facebook’s messaging service, I recommend the Facebook Messenger app, as it work much better.

4. Facebook Pages Manager

Not heard of this one yet? The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to manage all of your Facebook Pages from one place. You might just prefer this app to the regular Facebook app. You can use it for posting updates and photos, respond to comments, reply to private messages, view Page Insights and you can also set up push notifications so you never miss a thing!

5. Twitter

Yes, the entire world uses Twitter, including terrorists living in caves in the Afghan mountains. How about you? The official Twitter app allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts, but you can only access one at a time. You can view conversations, respond to tweets, retweet other users, post updates, photos and videos and browse hashtags and various conversations.

6. Vine

With Vine, you can create short, looping videos – think of them as the video equivalent of a tweet – that you can then share with your friends and fans. You can follow other users, upload as many videos as you want and explore trending posts and hashtags.

7. Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app allows you to post photos for the world to see and to follow other users and see their photos. You can now also post videos, and the app also includes instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, as well as free photo filters. Use Instagram to engage with other users, by liking their photos and leaving comments on them.

8. Google+

The Google+ iPhone app is one of the better social networks apps – it’s easy to use and intuitive and a real important highlight — it doesn’t crash. Use it to keep up to date with your circles, share text, link and photo updates, check in as well as join hangouts. If you use the Hangouts feature often, try the Hangouts app.

9. Pinterest

The Pinterest app allows you to keep control of your account and your boards on the go. You can pin images that you love from around the web and add them to your boards and explore other users’ pins and boards.

10. Tumblr

The Tumblr app allows you to share photos and other media and post text updates and links, while managing all of your blogs. It also has a few advanced controls, such as saving drafts and queuing posts and others.

So, as the year unfolds these are the chief social media that you may wish to concentrate upon. There are dozens of popular apps, and even among these you don’t need to be involved with all of them. Go ahead, admit you may not even know about several of the top ten apps. You probably do no regularly use even half of these. However each of these is vital to your business right now.

About this point you realize you really need help. Contact the experts here at BSG to sort it all out and get your business into fighting trim.

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