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In January of 2017 we discovered a way that made it easier for users to interact with your page on Facebook.

What did we discover? We’re glad you asked. There are now specialized templates to match the category that your page falls into. The categories to choose from are Business, Venues, Politicians, Restaurants & Cafes, Professional Services, and Shopping. We’ve included a couple screenshots below:

Each template is not that much different from your standard layout, however they do put things in an order that will likely improve the user experience for visitors to your page. At the top of the page the chosen template will select the best call to action button for your category.

On the left side each template will order things differently based on how likely the user is to need a feature. This is especially important on Restaurant and Professional Services profiles as they have the ability to link to a menu or list of services that you upload.

Taking advantage of these templates can provide your business an edge over every other page out there. If all the other business pages in your space look the same and yours provides the information people are looking for, who do you think that user will want to contact or engage with?

So, if you need help maximizing your Facebook page, contact us today.
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