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We here at Blue Sand Group have gone over link building before. It is an essential, but often over looked, component of SEO. There are quite a few way in which your link building can improve.

Over the years, there have been major updates on how to build links. But, like with any search engine strategy, you can’t just throw random links onto your site & hope they work. No, you have to have a plan of attack when it comes to link building.

In this week’s newsletter, we will go over what goes into a good link building strategy.

Branded Links

One way you can stand out from competition on social media is by creating branded links.

What exactly are branded links? Good question. They are custom short links that revolve around your brand.

Most major companies use them, including Southwest Airlines, Target, the LA Times, and more! Branded links are a good way to get people to remember your brand on social media.

How would you brand your link?

Distribution of Links

Something you do want to avoid is piling too many links onto a singular landing page. Google will pick up on this and will subsequently punish your site.

Take a second to think about which pages on your site are the most important. You want to distribute links around to get the most out of link building structure. The more you are cognizant about the distribution of your links, the better for your site.

Link Relevancy

With Google’s always improving link detection, you must always do research of the outbound links on your site. The sites that you are linking to have to be informative and helpful to consumers.

Experts in Link Building

Do you need help formulating a link building plan? Contact Long Beach SEO experts today by calling us at 1800-303-8803. We look forward to working with you!

Next week, we will continue our link building strategy by going diving into outreach.

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