Maintaining Your SEO Rank Against Competition

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Now that you are happy with your ranking on Google, you may think the job is done. But you couldn’t be farther from the truth. As we emphasize at Blue Sand Group, SEO is constantly evolving, and needs constant attention. Even if you are placed at the top of page one, your competitors are always trying to bump you off the top spot. The following post will give some insight on how to maintain your search engine rankings.

quality link SEO

Quality links after you have the quantity

Both quality and quantity are important for Google ranking. But, if you already are leading search rankings for specific keywords, it is likely you already have the quantity needed to be picked up for Google. At this point the focus should be directed toward having quality links. Quality links need to directed toward all areas of your website. Google finds it to be spam-related when there is a sudden influx of links all directed toward one post or page. Make your site have well structured links.

Speed matters

importance of page speedSpeed has been a factor for Google for some time, yet some websites are still dragged down with large file sizes, and complex themes. Speed will always be a a factor, especially with Google pushing mobile speed. Mobile web page speed is expected to become a huge factor as users make the switch to smaller devices. Click here to test your site’s speed.

Powerful Social Media Integration

social media & seo long beachSocial media has a good amount of power when it comes to giving pages authority. It is becoming expected to have some social media sites connected to your website. Improving your social media presence is something we always recommend as it gives customers a different look at your company.

Keep your site updated and fresh

It is important to consistently update and improve your site. Every little change is noticed by Google. It shows Google that you are putting effort to improving your website.

Work on creating quality content and improving the user experience for your customers. This will improve engagement and reduce the bounce rate; both will be noticed by Google.

Maintain SEO Rankings with BSG

If you need help fighting off the constant competition for the top spot, or you have yet to reach your ranking potential, contact BSG. We will assist on all areas of digital marketing including SEO and social media.

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