How to Market Your Business to Millennials

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Millennials. Also called Generation Y. And for you, Generation “why should we use your business/buy your product?”

Millennials are now the largest generation, surpassing baby boomers. They are poised to reshape the economy, and you need to tap into that market. But how?

For millennials, presentation/imagery is important – they spend a large amount of their time online and are used to nearly constant videos, images, audio. Make sure you are utilizing graphics, images and videos throughout your marketing.

Your marketing needs to be mobile-friendly – most likely they are going to find you/find your business while looking on their smartphones. Chances are they will also be using their phones to make purchases.  Millennials are still very likely to prefer to shop in brick and mortar stores, but they do their research before hand, checking reviews, ratings and prices.

Interact with them on social media, but not just sales pitches. Millennials don’t want to be sold-to. They just want to know about your brand/product/service and what it does for them. Make a connection, and make it personal: how does your brand/product make their life better? Make the world better?

Millennials are more skeptical of big businesses/corporations/institutions. This generation tends to trust small businesses more. They are skeptical of reviews being fake or planted. If their friend says something is good, they will believe it more than a stranger’s review or celebrity endorsement. Therefore you need to be transparent, honest, and authentic.

Make sure they have a good experience with them – if they have a bad experience with your business they are likely to post bad reviews online as well as tell their friends about it. But they are also likely to share a great experience. Make your interactions count.

If you feel that you could use some help with your brand’s social media marketing, the team at BSG has the experience to develop effective and organized social media strategies and manage social platforms properly for businesses of all types. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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