Minimalist Web Design Will Give Your Website A Professional Touch

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Minimalist web design is a significant trend, because businesses see an advantage in presenting themselves in a straightforward manner. Clean, professional designs quickly convey the site’s message and make it easy for users to find more information or even make purchases.

Minimalist Web Design

A minimalist design can put your business in a position to succeed by emphasizing your strengths and ensuring that people see what you want them to see. Here are a few more reasons to consider making your website’s design more minimalist.

One major advantage of a minimalist design is that your website will load more quickly than most other websites. The loading time is crucial as mobile devices can be hindered by both slower loading speeds and limited data plans. And smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices now account for over half of all web traffic, so it’s vital that your website design takes that into account. As more and more people are using those mobile devices, sites that load quickly have an advantage over the competition.

Affect of Slow Loading Times

Why is loading quickly such an advantage? Well, this infographic shows the many ways that slow loading times affect how people perceive and interact with websites. A quarter of people leave sites that load for longer than 4 seconds, and nearly half of all people will not return to a site that is too slow for them. The good news is that sites that perform well see an increase in their conversions, and the ideal loading time is approximately 2 seconds. By eliminating unnecessary elements, a minimalist design can improve your website’s performance and make sure that as many people as possible see what your business has to offer.

Minimalist designs also have a distinct aesthetic appeal. They display what you have to offer, and get right to the point. Cluttered websites can frustrate users and make it difficult for them to find the information they’re looking for. Such sites may also obscure the very message you’re attempting to communicate. If your business is using content marketing, a minimalist design can emphasize that content. That way the content is more likely to be seen and shared. Your pictures will be easy to find and display, your videos easy to play, and your articles easy to navigate.

The industry that your business is in plays a part in what your site should look like. Elements that’re fun and compelling for some businesses will seem frivolous or even inappropriate for, say, a law firm. And if you’re a business-to-business company, your customers may not want some of the flashy, social media influenced aspects that many websites feature. A site that displays your product or service in a straightforward (but still appealing) manner will do a better job of attracting business. In short, minimalist web designs will give your website a professional feel.

Long Beach Web Programmers

Whether your business is looking for a website with a minimalist design, one that tells the story of your business, or something in between, the experts at BSG can provide it. Our programmers can build a website for your business that makes a terrific first impression on your potential customers. BSG specializes in creating clean, sophisticated websites that don’t bog users down with clutter. Instead the websites feature easy navigation and smooth transitions. So take a look at our portfolio, and then contact BSG today.

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