Mirror Mirror On the Wall

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Are you insane? Definitely, a ‘mirror-mirror-on-the-wall moment’ is on tap for you. You need a bit of honest, cold truth.

Certainly you know the saying of Albert Einstein regarding insanity…that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Seriously, if you are training or selling the same way that you were just a year ago and not improving your sales performance, the next jacket to consider might be known as “straight.”

Every day you hear about sales representatives who fold in more social to their daily sales perform better than their non-social-media-using peers.

Did you know that 64% of sales teams who use social selling actually reach sales quota vs. 49% who do not adopt it?

LinkedIn notes strongly that sales representatives who use LinkedIn to generate high social selling indexes are 51% more likely to attain quota, than social selling slugs. Social selling use correlates into 15% more contract renewals

Even with this key research, so much of sales management continues to expect their sales teams to sell the same way to get different results…stuck in the past. No wonder sales team turnover is so high – a Harvard Business Review blog notes that 32% of reps leave because of a poor first-line manager relationships. “Call more!” “Email more!” “Where are the sales opportunities?!?” Are they Willie Loman fans? Are they the profane, hard pounding Alec Baldwin Blake character from GlenGarry Glen Ross? Or, are they just too busy to focus on the changing way in which customers are buying.

The world has already passed them by. Don’t you get sucked into that vortex also!

Are you always trying to close? Maybe you should always be connecting to help you attain quota!

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