The Missing Link: How To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Brand

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You’re serious about building your brand, so you need to get serious about taking advantage of digital networking in addition to in-person interactions. Here are some tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn:

Personalization is key – Create an eye-catching profile to set yourself apart. Highlight your skills and accomplishments, and make people want to connect with you.

Consistently update – Make sure to stay engaged by posting regularly, comment on your connections’ posts, and revise your resume when applicable.

Make sure people can get in touch with you – This might seem obvious, but if you don’t make sure your email and social media accounts are connected to your LinkedIn account, you will miss out on a lot opportunities to grow your network.

Make connections – That’s why you’re on there. Join groups and participate in discussions; interact with people.

And don’t be shy – Request recommendations and endorsements of your skills and experience from your connections. And return the favor. These recommendations carry value and can work like a job reference.

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