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Manage Your Personal Brand If You Want Your Business to Succeed

Imagine you were on the phone with a potential client, and during that time she Googled your name – what would you want her to read about you and your company?

While it might feel like a daunting task to build and manage your personal brand, experts say that everyone – from an indie professional to the C-Suite executive – needs to spend part of their day managing their online reputation in order to build their business.

It’s About Trust

People want to buy from people and businesses they trust, period. With the world moving towards more transparency, clients will try to get a sense of your personality, reputation and integrity through online search, your website or social media.

The critical element is to determine if the story being told about you online is the correct one.

It’s human nature to quantify people and you can’t let others tell your story. This is communication in the modern age and you want to present yourself in a specific truthful way.

It’s impossible to hide your online reputation anymore – it’s 24/7/365 and your brand is now your resume. By spending time searching your name, you can quickly figure out what people are saying about you, good or bad, and have the opportunity to respond. The way to look at yourself is that everyone is on a freeway and everyone has a billboard. It’s really important to be aware of your brand and take action on it.

Protecting your reputation and brand becomes increasingly important as your business grows. According to a 2015 Domain.ME survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 54% of Americans are concerned that the information about them found online could negatively affect their reputation. Despite this, the majority (79%) have never tried to manage all that information about themselves online. Amazing!

“As you start to become more recognizable and establish a presence, seen more, talked about more, it opens you up for more scrutiny and people start to target you,” Andrew Bart, startup advisor and growth consultant, said.

By building a strong and authentic personal brand, customers will begin to associate you with quality work and thought leadership, and help you combat against trolls.

If You’re Not Visible, You’re Missing Opportunities. If you are visible, you must control your online destiny and image.

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