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Why Creativity Isn’t Just About Ideas

I am a Creative, one of those people who are brought in to come up with the Next Big Thing. Be it image, branding, product roll out, concepts, or just revamping tired content, my task is to be the alchemist whose words spin into gold on the ROI side.

So, let me be plain about this. Creativity isn’t for sissies. It’s hard work, and for those who live and die by creativity, it’s not about inspiration, it’s about routine. Yes, the best writers and other artists I’ve ever met were literally slaves to routine – a regularly scheduled time to do the work (and work out the kinks) of creativity.

What’s why this post isn’t about having ideas, it’s about making those ideas happen. Execution is the real work that makes creativity real.

So ease up on all the talk about “ideas.” Yes, ideas are great, and very much needed, but without the ability to execute those ideas, they’re not worth the Denny’s napkin you wrote them on. So develop a regular, disciplined routine that allows you to take your great ideas, and develop them into reality.

Because regardless of what you’ve heard, ideas don’t change the world. Ideas that catch on, get developed, and become reality are what changes the world.

If an idea is good, all that remains is the toil, the sweat, the invention, the packaging, the marketing, and everything else—in short, mostly the writing that others will find motivating.

I always have a few great ideas percolating. t is amazing to me how much I need to learn each time before I could execute properly on any of those ideas.

So, the best wordsmiths don’t simply conjure up amazing verbiage. We train long and hard to be able to offer those we labor for an excellent array of pieces to promote, engage and otherwise dazzle.

It only looks like magic because, like real magicians, we train so much it seems effortless upon execution.

Now, go and practice some more, until your site is amazing.

To Your Success…


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