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Last week, BSG chatted about branding. Some of the most fascinating stories about famed images and branding emerges from a source you may not have considered: Famous Musicians.

Perhaps the first long haired, radical music star who always seemed to have an interesting life story was George Fredrick Handel; a rock star of Baroque Music.

Although German in ancestry, he spent over 50 years in England and is buried in Westminster Abbey. Of course if we were to meet everyone who ever lived, musician or not, they would all have an interesting life story.

But, let us focus on a recently departed musical soul. It must be quite challenging to be in the public eye in a fame and fortune type of scenario.

It clearly takes a toll on many. There are numerous biographies in print covering the big stars of music, particularly the big time rock and roll bands like the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin and many others. Each one of these bands and/or individuals came from vastly different backgrounds. Their stories are unique, though there are some common denominators that all of them had along the way.

Being ‘discovered’ would probably be the most important of these common threads, at least in regards to becoming famous. You can be a virtuoso but if no one in the industry ever gets wind of your music, you will be doing local bars for a long time! Today BSG focuses on David Bowie, recently deceased, but had a multi-layered career of note to those in marketing.

When he started out in the 1960s he was a soft-singing, easy going character. But, he realized he needed to stand out much more profoundly. As he emerged on to the big stages in the 1970s he went to the other end of the spectrum with his out-of-this-world Ziggy Stardust material. Bowie discovered himself at a much more profound level. He then ventured into many more radically different phases through his career, changing it up at regular intervals.

Each time he reinvented himself, his material continued to captivate old and new audiences. His genius is undeniable. Music was his passion. David Bowie catches the attention of the listener with intriguing lyrics, solid music compositions and a distinct singing style.

However, this music, combined with his live performances transformed into fantastic events.

His many music videos created over his career were works of art in themselves. He paid a great deal of attention to detail. Meticulous would be a good word to describe it all. He even did some work in the movies which lauded more fame and notoriety.

David Bowie even wrote a song about being famous called “Fame”. It is a good analytical view of the ups and downs, the ins and outs and the struggles and glory of being a famous player. The refrain is a sliding lyrical experience that mirrors the experience of the reality of being a famous rock star quite nicely.

It is just one of the many wonderful things he gave us. His old song “Changes” really anthems out for many.

When was the last time you reinvented yourself and/or your firm?

Talk to us at BSG. We craft change.

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