Why You Need to Hire a Professional Web Designer

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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Web Designer

There are any number of reasons you really should pursue a professional to build your site. For brevity, Blue Sand Group will offer four compelling reasons here.

Look anywhere and everywhere. There are numerous free Web-hosting services, even ones with free templates you can use to build your website. Yes, you can build a quickie website in a few minutes without any cash outlay. The problem is that your website, and your reputation, look exactly like that — a cheap, slap-dash effort that lends no confidence in you or your business.

Certainly, a cash-strapped small-business owner is sorely tempted to use free services to design the business website. It even offers a sense of accomplishment, having done it all yourself on the cheap. Yes, you did it, even possessing little knowledge of designing and running a website. Again, such lack of professionalism shows big time.

Opting for a do-it-yourself approach could really prove disastrous over the long term, too. Compare your site with local and regional competition. You will undoubtedly find that the very successful places have highly functioning, stunning sites that mesmerize and draw viewers well into the site and hold them there long enough to gain a sale or a call.

Knowing this, small business owners should consider hiring a web design specialist to help them increase traffic, as well as sales. Yes, Blue Sand Group is a professional firm that crafts great sites and the marketing expertise to bring viewers to you. That being aside, and whether you ultimately select BSG or another company, consider these four important reasons to hire a professional Web designer.

Look and Design

Beyond anything physical that you may put in or on your storefront keep in mind that most customer find you initially online. Your first and perhaps only chance at a good impression is a brief 2.3 second glance on a hand held device. That is it! Do you pass the momentary glance test? The aesthetic design of your website main impression your business makes on many, perhaps the vast majority of potential customers. Before they even click on the menu, they need to be totally wowed with an imaginative and eye catching design that’s pleasing, appropriate for your industry and truly memorable. If you use a template, there’s really no chance of that happening as hundreds of other firms have probably selected the same layout. End Result: you’re done in 2 seconds. And chances are you will never upgrade the site, insuring digital death.


After the first impression, the next most important impression your website makes on potential customers is ease of use. A business website needs to be very inviting and extremely easy to navigate with quick, large, drop-down menus, convenient search boxes, flashy catalogues, informative FAQs, quick contact information and everything else a potential customer would need. Professional Web designers know how to streamline websites far, far, beyond what templates can offer. In short, the more complex your back end segment of the web site is, the easier it works up front.

Traffic Capability

If you choose professional design, you’re going to have a good deal of visitors coming to your website. Yes, you will obtain far more visitors than any free Web-hosting service can handle. Warning: If you don’t have adequate server support, that much traffic will slow down and even crash your website. So, a robust site bring extensive attention. You will have to upgrade your physical system to handle the traffic. But, that is a good thing…you do want lots more business, right? Invest in yourself. If you think you can get by, remember: After a number of negative experiences, customers who initially gave you a chance will refuse to come back if they can’t get the website to work. Professional designers can adjust the amount of bandwidth needed for your site as necessary.

Marketing and Outreach Ability

Whatever you sell, you are obviously a master of communication and marketing expertise, right? Probably not. And even if you were, your time is better spent running your business and making sales than trying to capture online audiences. When running a small business, you have so much to do on a daily basis that orchestrating a marketing campaign to drive in more business is probably near the bottom of your to-do list. However, if you don’t attend to marketing, your business will never flourish. With a professional Web design team, you can leave the Internet marketing in their hands. If they are good, they will know your market, your industry, your region and find all the new ways to draw clients to your site. While you focus on running the business, they’re using their skills to get your website seen by more people — specifically more people in your targeted demographic. This approach is more effective than tossing a website up and hoping it works.

Before you decide to design your business website yourself, think of these five reasons you should use professional Web design
instead. The investment is a benefit you pay to yourself. A professional Web designer will have the tools necessary not only to put up an attractive website, but to market your business. Call Blue Sand Group today. Ask for a quote; chances are, there’s a website package in your price range.

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