New Year, New Trends: What to Expect in Social Media in 2018

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How will you socialize and reach your target audience next year? These predicted social media trends for 2018 might help you plan your strategy for the new year.

Social Media Trends 2018

2018 will see an increased use of stories on Instagram and Facebook. Brands will need to create content for posting in their stories as well as their accounts to reach potential customers, as people might not take the time to pay attention to each individual post that comes across their feed, but would be more inclined to watch some stories for a few seconds.

Brand Fatigue will mean more pressure on small businesses, and an emphasis on personalized experiences. Building a brand and a loyal following will require local business owners to do more to reach out and engage directly with consumers in the coming year. Things like responding to user comments on Instagram and Twitter will be key.

Will social media become a centralized place for all of our needs? What started out as a fun and easy way to connect with people has morphed beyond that to be a way to meet our everyday needs. Now social media is also a place we get our news, enjoy augmented reality, and connect with brands.

Where do you think social media is headed?

Social Media Experts Long Beach

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