The Next Wave is Here!

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The Next Wave is Coming! Google does not stand still and neither does Blue Sand Group.

BSG will soon be introducing a new wave of both content and SEO. This serves as a preview.

BSG has built and developed our reputation on design and criteria that is superior to the crowd that slavishly saturates their blogs, websites, and other communications with recommended, run-of-the-mill SEO. The words etched on our pages and those of our clients supply a richness and delight to the reader; not the cardboard, hackneyed, crusty collection of subpar verbiage proffered by 93% of all sites out there. BSG has developed now concepts that wash fresh content across myriad client sites that exceeds the new Artificial Intelligence sweepers that prize clean, intelligent copy as high as SEO elements. Quality content truly is king now, and emperor, and potentate and every other type of leadership post you might imagine.

As such, crafting highly successful content has never been more difficult. Content marketers operate in a market where the supply of content far exceeds people’s capacity to consume it. These challenging dynamics of attention are compounded by the proliferation of channels on which marketers can publish, distribute, and promote their content. Today’s population has become more selective about what kind, type and quality of content they consume. They have also become alleged co-creators in the vast universe of content, sharing and curating content on digital media. And those who produce very high value content urge them onward — the more mediocre prose that appears online, the more that stellar content stands out and is propelled upward in natural ranking by the sophisticated algorithms, analytics, programming and engines of ranking and search firms. Everyone and everything else sinks into the abyss.

Web developers by and large still cling to traditional SEO and basic content while advancing technology and those who create it have moved far beyond those old, dusty parameters. Great content is about far more than just clicks and engagement. The primary goal for all marketers is to grow their brand, which they can do by building content ecosystems that unify a single brand identity across multiple platforms and uses. By acting as publishers, superior content marketers inform, engage, movtivate, and delight consumers. They use quality content to establish deep emotional connections with vast target audiences, thus building greater influence and lasting impressions.

All of this newfangled material arrives via stellar editorial craftsmanship, shareable video, virial social media campaigns, and/or strategic placement of those elements. Most successful content marketing campaigns revolve around a highly robust communications architecture, built on brand and business objectives, effectively capturing attention and building enduring brand associations. Think on that for a moment and ask yourself if an average, standard approach to anything will achieve that outcome.

For marketers, the surplus of content means that digital marketing has turned into a battle for audience attention. However, that battle sends everyone but the most stellar content sites right down into the lower depths, never to be seen. Your customers’ inboxes, news feeds, and phones are continually bombarded with content and alerts, most of which hits trash or spam automatically. And the constant distractions that surround online activities have made marketing even more challenging by reducing consumers’ attention spans to a slim 3 to 5 seconds…maximum first impression.

As mentioned, most web firms are still peddling antiquated products, obsolete writing, and dismal SEO implants. BSG, with our surging new SEO program and High Value Content producers have created a new strategy for the digital marketplace. Content marketing is all about producing highly exceptional and relevant verbiage, doing it at a complex scale, while remaining authentic and personal at the same time…a balance very difficult to achieve in any form. It’s about being everywhere at once. It’s about complexity management. And it is about Blue Sand Group’s new products.

As we launch our new products, existing and prospective clients will learn how the marketer’s role has dramatrically changed alongside the rugged new content landscape, as well as emerging trends that will quickly dictate the success of any campaign endeavoring to maximize brand awareness. BSG will explore leading edge trends across marketing channels, and how marketing budgets are shifting to reflect these new priorities. We’ll also examine the how the marketing organization can approach these changes.

Keep in mind that 2.5 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook alone every single day. And every minute, 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. In the universe of ordinary content, these numbers aren’t getting any smaller: and the demand for extraordinary content and the capacity to take it to top rankings so it will be a priority consumed item cannot over emphasized. Attention and demand isn’t shrinking, it’s being refocused. People spend almost three hours each day consuming digital media on mobile screens—more than 50 percent of the total time spent online. That is adult attention…not teens.

Winning in the digital marketplace demand comes down to capturing attention on mobile screens, and establishing a presence for your brand on that screen that gives consumers something to return to.

Are you ready? With BSG you will be. Contact us today.

More on this Tomorrow.

To Your Success…


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