Optimizing Your Site For Mobile Search

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When it comes to mobile searches on Google and other search engines, the normal SEO strategies continue to apply. The big search engines are constantly tweaking their search algorithms in order to improve the search results they return. Many of the recent adjustments to those algorithms involve favoring pictures, videos, and other content that mobile users typically prefer.

If you’ve been doing SEO for your business’s site lately, chances are your content appeals to mobile users already. It is worth noting that load times are typically longer on mobile devices. That is why streamlining your website can enhance its appeal to mobile users.

Increase in Mobile-Friendliness

Google recently announced that it will increase how much weight it gives to mobile-friendliness as one of the factors in its mobile search algorithms. This change will be implemented on April 21st. Since they’re stating when these changes will start shows just how much Google’s trying to push websites to be mobile-friendly.

Google has been encouraging web developers to make their sites responsive, and this announcement is the latest part of that push. Google is even offering a test tool so you can measure just how mobile-friendly your website is, so check it out the mobile friendly test here. Sites optimized for use on mobile devices will undoubtedly see an improvement in their rankings. Websites without a mobile-friendly design will see a corresponding decline.

However, Google is not the behemoth in mobile search that it is for desktops. This is because mobile users are actually spending most of their time online in apps rather than in web browsers. While Google is still responsible for two-thirds of the searches performed, apps now account for quite a bit of the remaining searches performed on mobile devices (and they’re growing). Yelp’s app is one that has seen significant growth in the number of searches performed. You should be sure that your business’s listings with apps like Yelp’s are accurate, and you might even consider encouraging customers to review your business on Yelp.

Search for BSG

As you can see, optimizing your business’s website and presence for mobile search involves quite the variety of marketing tactics. BSG’s website programmers and website designers can build a responsive, mobile-friendly website for your business that will attract mobile customers to your business. We can also improve upon your existing website. If it needs an overall update or simply to be made more mobile friendly, we can help. Our SEO experts know the best practices to build up your business’s search results ranking. By adding original, creative pictures, video, and other content to your website, BSG can make it shine on mobile devices.

So contact BSG today to see how your business can improve its online presence.

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