Paying To Amplify Your Content’s Reach

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Paid amplification is an especially useful means to cut through much of the content clutter out there.

Stop competing with other businesses on social media to appear in people’s feeds organically. Paid amplification can guarantee your business content will reach a certain number of people. You’ll be able measure the impact your content is making, and refine it with A/B testing.

Paid Amplification Helps Your Business

Native advertising is an example of paid amplification. If you happen to read popular blogs, you’ve probably noticed some native advertising in the form of sponsored posts. In these cases, businesses are posting their content directly onto a blog.  While there is typically a line noting that the posts are sponsored, these posts look similar to a normal posts.

They also appear in the body of the blog itself, rather than off to the side as is often the case with banner ads. This promoted content is more likely to draw interest from the blog’s readers. The content is often written with the blog’s audience in mind, so that it takes full advantage of the opportunity to grab people’s attention.

Facebook is another place where you can pay to amplify the reach of your content. In fact, many of Facebook’s changes to its algorithms have been made to encourage businesses to spend money on advertising. Among Facebook’s many advertising options, Boosted Posts may be the most useful for distributing content. A Boosted Post fits right in with the rest of the News Feed, so it’s great for pictures, videos, and links, as well as a short message.

You can also take advantage of Facebook’s targeting features, to help you make sure that the most relevant people are seeing your posts. The other major social networks offer similar advertising posts, and they provide users with targeting options as well. Twitter offers Promoted Tweets, which also appear directly in users’ feeds. LinkedIn has a sponsored content feature, which will make sure that your content is displayed directly on users’ feeds or home screens. And on LinkedIn, you can target by more job-specific criteria, like industry, job title, or responsibilities. This is certainly quite useful for B2B companies.

PPC Service in Long Beach

As the content marketing environment grows more competitive, businesses need to find ways to ensure that their content is really reaching people. BSG can help your business find those people and capture their attention. We can help you design videos, photos, and other content that will entertain and inform potential customers. Take a look at all the services we offer here, and contact us today to learn more.

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