How Penguin Has Affected Your Site’s Google Ranking

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Google released the first Penguin update to its algorithms in 2012. Penguin aims to improve search results by penalizing sites that benefit from tactics like link bombing and spamdexing. These practices are aimed at increasing a site’s ranking by including numerous links back to the site. They fall under the category of black-hat SEO.

Black-Hat SEO

Black-hat SEO leads people to unrelated or low-quality websites, and often makes users unhappy. Google’s Panda updates also play a role in penalizing websites that post low-quality or unoriginal content.

The Penguin 3.0 update targets the latest trends in black-hat link building, and even penalizes links that use overly optimized anchor text. Black-hat designers have really focused on optimizing their links with the most popular keywords for potentially lucrative searches. To combat this, Google is reducing the weight it gives to those keywords. This update also punishes repeated internal links and sites that do too much interlinking.

While avoiding black-hat SEO tactics is one part of making sure your website and SEO practices are designed to deal with the Penguin update, you should also consider what Google’s algorithms are now rewarding. It should come as no surprise that content is a big factor in improving your site’s ranking. People are generally looking for high-quality, relevant content when they search on the web, and Google knows that the best way to maintain its position in search is to make sure its results return that kind of content.

Website’s Advantage

However, not all content works to your website’s advantage. Content that is plagiarized is harshly punished, and content that doesn’t offer anything distinct isn’t rewarded. It’s crucial that your website’s content be high-quality. This means that it needs to be relevant and engaging, and it also needs to offer something distinct from other sites. You also need to add content regularly in order to really benefit from Google’s algorithms. This will also benefit your business, because potential customers will be more likely to visit and return to sites with quality content.

From a SEO perspective, one of the reasons for producing quality content is that it will legitimately generate links to your website from interested people. And that interest will lead them to link back to your website. This is part of the organic approach to SEO. What sets it apart is that you really earn the links you’re receiving.

These quality SEO techniques have been the smart response to all of the Penguin updates to Google’s algorithms. Sites that use these practices are rewarded in search result rankings. The websites will not be harmed by the next wave of updates to Penguin or Panda. In fact, they are often the beneficiaries of those updates.

SEO Specialists in Long Beach

If your business is looking to improve its search ranking, BSG’s SEO specialists will make sure that your site and web presence benefit from Google’s updates. They know when keywords will help your rankings and when they will be regarded as spam. BSG will build up your site’s ranking over time, and it will do so in a way that will last.

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