As a family-run business that has been producing only the highest quality fabrics for 40 years, RJR has proven their passion for quilting with love. RJR understands the hard work and love that go into making a quilt, and strive to accommodate their customers in every angle of quilt making. They also love hearing about their customers experience, which is why they started their very own #quiltwithlove blog.


The RJR website was designed to bring out the same emotion you feel when you give or receive a quilt, and while you are making your quilt. Not only does this website design perfectly match what RJR stands for, it brings out emotion in their customers and clients, which adds a personal message from RJR to their customers - it is also an excellent marketing tactic.

  • Skills : HTML5, CSS3, JS, DJANGO
  • Client : RJR FABRICS
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